How did you get involved in Tarot?

Question: How did you get involved in Tarot?

27 years ago, a mentor of mine who is about 35 years older than me gave me a Tarot reading shortly after I met her.  I was 18 then.  I had many questions about what directions to take, because there was a lot of pressure from my family to make money, but I needed a lot of room for personal development and creative skill development.  When my mentor gave me a Tarot reading, she recorded it on a cassette tape.  I played that tape so many times it was about to fall apart. And I used my memory of the pictures in the cards to work on the lessons the cards showed me.  It helped me fight for the time and space to do creative work, heal in necessary ways, and define where my family ends and where I begin.

It was the start of learning a language and vocabulary to discuss the inner world.  Through the cards I discovered beautiful resources and tough ruts within.  I learned that my will could help me grow or stumble, if I could stay connected to what was going on in me.  So I counted the Tarot as “something that works.”

It’s amazing how close that time of discovery feels — even 28 years later.

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