What was your first deck and how did you find it?

Question: What was your first deck and how did you find it?

My first deck was the Egyptian Thoth Tarot deck.  My Tarot mentor did an annual spread for me using that deck for about three years in a row.  In the course of each year, I would keep studying the lessons in the annual spread by listening to a cassette recording of the session, thinking of the images I saw in the cards, and also integrating the lessons into journal writing.  Each year, I made progress in the lessons I worked on, especially in being able to put words to what was going on in my mind and emotions and ultimately, in my spirit.

After those three years, I ventured forth to acquire a deck and study more than the ten cards in my annual spread.  I had liked the artwork in the Thoth Tarot, so I stayed with the same deck.  In the 28 years since then, the characters in the artwork have become like friends, and I’ve had different experiences when seeing them come up for different situations of mine and of my clients.  My first deck was destined to be my long-term deck.

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