Why do you like the deck you have chosen?

Question: Why do you like the deck you have chosen?

Why do I like the friends I have?  Because we are happy together and we enrich each others’ lives not only with good feelings but with synergy that helps us move forward as individuals.  We also have a history together that lets us see the stories of each others’ lives unfold.

My Tarot mentor used the Egyptian Thoth Tarot deck 28 years ago when I first encountered the Tarot.  I liked the artwork because it was not only beautiful but also not heavily tied to a time period or geographical region.  The artwork also had symbols, colors, characters and designs that alluded to experiences from many walks of life.  Yes, the knowledge base within those still seems vast, but, like relationships with friends, a richness develops over time as life ignites the facets and details.

Since my mentor’s Thoth deck was the source of lessons for several years before I acquired my own, the history and relationship with many cards in the deck had begun.  As I held my own deck for the first time, I remember feeling familiar and connected to it.  As I began to study on my own, the history I already had with certain images helped to create a bond with the new solitary experience which had once been shared.  That eventually became an experience I could share with others in the 28 years to come.

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