What is your favorite card, both for artwork and for meaning?

What is your favorite card, both for artwork and for meaning?

My favorite card is Major Arcana XIV.  I consider it a two thumbs up from the Tarot when it comes in a reading for me.  With Latin words, the card instructs people to look within for the treasure.  How much rubbish does one encounter along the way of finding the treasures within?  Nevertheless, the card shows a double sided being that has found and integrated polar opposites, be they rubbish or treasures.  Each opposing pole has magic to contribute to the cauldron of elixir in the front of the image.  At the rear of the image, a golden egg has reached its mature point of incubation, having journeyed though Major Arcana cards I, V, and IX already.  The sense of abundant potential, well-seasoned and ready to come out of its shell is inspiring.  Also inspiring is the meaning of the raven sitting on a human skull on the cauldron.  It assures that the end of “the old” in life releases time and energy to foster the new potential in the large egg.  It’s o.k. to let things go when they are unwieldy.  Finally, the figure is many-breasted, which is Diana/Artemis symbolism.  This unusual goddess does embody fertility, but it is self-generated, as she is complete in herself.  This has become a life theme for me.  It definitely goes against the tide of contemporary society.  Yet, it has its treasures along the way.


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