New Year’s Day Tarot Reading

Summary: A daily reading involves the heart in matters of wealth and indicates two sources of support for the unconventional wisdom

Spread format: The spread looks like three cards in a horizontal row with “Heart” in the middle (click on card name to view image):

Sacred Feminine: 3 of Cups

Heart: 10 of Disks

Sacred Masculine: VI Lovers

Interpretation of card in Heart position: The state of physical wealth has placed itself in the position of Heart to be renewed.  The accumulated wealth symbolized in the card bulges with heaviness on the tree of coins, and the foundation coin has already tarnished as if out of disuse.  The symbol of Mercury/Hermes on many of the coins says to set messengers (communications) in motion to instigate unconventional, rejuvenating activities for the inert wealth.  This leg-work is reduced by the card landing in the position of Heart.  If asked, the heart will respond about how it wants to direct wealth.  The philanthropist and youngest UNICEF ambassador Selena Gomez recently released the song “The Heart Wants What it Wants,” that presents the crossroads where we either follow scripts and shoulds or explore the unconventional wisdom of the Heart.

Interpretation of card in Sacred Feminine position: The lotuses in the 3 of Cups overflow with luminous liquid, filling cups made of pomegranate seeds symbolizing that the many ripe seeds are being generously irrigated to encourage sprouting.  The lotuses draw their waters from an unlimited blue sea, and overhead the skies are clear.  Having landed in the spread’s position of Sacred Feminine, the card gives its vibrant emotional enthusiasm to nurturing the Heart’s will in non-linear, and spontaneously creative ways.  It is likely that several supportive individuals can be found to nurture the Heart’s wisdom.

Interpretation of card in Sacred Masculine position:  The pairs of opposites in the VI Lovers initiate a supportive union while they cooperate to nurture an egg.  Not that the opposites will be merged, but their strong forces will cooperate to incubate that which is in the small orphic egg settled between them.  In this spread, the contents of the orphic egg would be what the heart wants to do with inert wealth.  The pair’s agreement is consecrated both by a holy magistrate and a mythological god of love, taking the nature of the agreement beyond matters of commerce and state to matters of the heart and soul.  Having landed in the spread’s position of the Sacred Masculine, this card indicates that the strength and shadow of the Masculine will be surrendered to conserving the integrity of the Heart’s will.  It is likely that writing a letter to the inner masculine or doing prayers/meditations/rituals to connect with masculine prophets/spirits/gods will bring this support to daily activities around this intention.

Suggestions for practice: What would the heart do with five spare dollars?  Although this is a daily spread, this lesson and its supportive resources have significance and strength enough to work on for an interval.  Its images can also inspire prayer/meditation aimed at sustaining the intentions. Blessings.

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