What card do you pull the most often and why?

Day #9

Question:  What card do you pull the most often and why?

Having just looked at my frequency table of cards pulled, I have discovered that the two most frequently pulled cards are the same two from my two previous posts about most favorite/most dreaded cards on Tarot Challenge Day #7 (XIV Art) and Day #8 (7 of Cups).  I didn’t know this before.  Clearly, both cards are significantly related to each other in my life (click on card names to view cards).  To further expand on the imagery I described in the post of Day #7, I like working on the mystery of transforming my raw materials into solutions for myself and others, and I’m willing to tend the fire while the solutions simmer and mature over time.  From that intention comes another impulse to attend to situations in life with my unusual resources. Sometimes, the situations transform and the work is complete. However, I draw the 7 of Cups when my best offerings will not meet the need.  This incompatibility between resource and cause turns the same substance that would be a magical elixir elsewhere into toxic waste.  Note to self — stop immediately and return home to stirring the cauldron within.

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