What spread do you use most often and why?

Day #11 & #12

Questions: What spread do you use most often and why? Did you ever invent your own spread and how effective is it?

The Celtic Cross spread (click here)  is what I was first introduced to by my mentor.  I used it for myself and others for some years, and the results were good.  In my self-readings, I then began to invent spreads and pull cards according to my questions, and here also, the results were good.

By and by, I noticed a difference between how I used Tarot readings and how my clients used them.  I had always been very reflective about the cards in a spread after a reading, but my clients were done when they left the Tarot session.  They wanted a true experience in the moment, but then they were done.  Therefore, I re-oriented my practice towards guiding the clients to work with the cards during the session. I stopped using the Celtic Cross spread in order to reduce the number of cards and also to remove the problem that the client had no prior knowledge of the positions of the spread. After the first step of re-framing the questions, the client drew one card per question.  I introduced the suit and something brief about the image, and then asked questions that let the person work with the image to find meaning.  This result matched my objectives better, because it reinforced the client’s own wisdom-generating ability.  Give a man a fish . . . .

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