For what purposes do you usually use the Tarot?

Day #14

Question:  For what purposes do you usually use the Tarot?

I stay engaged with my own deep waters through the Tarot.  Just as there are many creatures in the depths of the ocean, there are many attributes in one’s own deep waters.  Among those that arise for me are reflection, intuition, creativity, and receptivity.  Jungian psychology uses the term “shadow” meaning qualities not integrated into the everyday personality.  I also consider the shadow to be a deep water attribute that I can work with through the Tarot.

There is an intellectual aspect of Tarot.  I do engage in it.  What I like is that I can use the intellectual activity to lead deeper into the self than the outer world. This is important to me in matters of considering the wisdom of the heart.  I have to ask and I have to receive the signals the heart would send, in whatever language that would be.  Then I have to have the strength to assimilate it mentally and focus on it. On the one hand, this ability may be a natural state.  On the other hand, if the ability is submerged, then Tarot activity provides the scuba gear.

Professional reading to assist others arises out of my own regular activity.  This is similar to learning a musical instrument, then using it to enter the realm of music, and then guiding others through the skill and the journey.  People seek assistance with accessing their own deep waters.  What of divination?  It is there in the deep waters.

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