Do you read for yourself and/or others and why?

Day #20

Question:  Do you read for yourself and/or others and why?

I study by myself and read for myself.  Similarly, I read for others and facilitate their studying.

The difference between studying and reading for me is about the level of mental activity.  Studying involves investigating more about the content of a card or group of cards through reading, writing and reflecting. That mental activity feels very active.

Reading involves explaining to myself or another person what that card/spread has to do with the questions at hand.  In order to read for others, I intend to let myself be receptive and explain what occurs to me, within the parameters of professionalism.  The challenge of this intention is the intensity of the interaction that a reading necessitates.  The client may have defense mechanisms that form their system of filtering new input.  As a professional teacher and mentor of non-Tarot content, prior experience with the human learning process helps me maintain receptivity while the interpersonal dynamics are underway, and also to gauge the extent to which the client is assimilating the reading.  So, the mental activity while reading for someone feels more receptive/passive.

Reading for myself is the most receptive of the discussed situations, because I don’t have to organize language to interpret meaning.  Non-linear images, experiences, interpretations and suggestions can flow through me, and I just have to apply a bit of mental effort to observe and remember what is happening.

Studying and reading for myself and others serves my desire to learn and teach at this level and the results seem very serviceable.

2 thoughts on “Do you read for yourself and/or others and why?

  1. I used to be in a tarot group and we read for each other. I miss the challenge of communicating in such an profound way with at times a total stranger. The degree of receptivity varied from person to person and so did the quality of the reading. It was great practice. Now that I think about it, I might try to reconnect with a group. I am painting the major arcana. I do readings for myself and find the cards so amazing. Yesterday I pulled only one card, the Hanged Man, the very card I am at work on. That was so nice.

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