How do you feel when you do readings?

Day #21

Question:  How do you feel when you do readings?

The way I feel is partially due to my own preparation and partially due to blessings from grace.

Beginning with readings for others, I feel benevolent and receptive during the reading. A Tarot reading is an educational interaction as well as a mystical occurrence.  Like a doctor who has to educate a patient about maintaining wellness for him/herself, the guidance about navigating the inner world I give others during a Tarot reading feels benevolent. Professional teaching in the public education system and observation of a variety of therapists at work gives me a foundation for working one-on-one in a way that the Tarot querent appreciates.  The remaining feeling of grace is in the level of depth the client allows themselves to explore, and in the amazing responses to questions that the Tarot offers.

Readings for myself feel mysterious and humbling, in the sense of how humble I feel when great lessons unfold.  Accessing such feelings came after preparation, in my case.  Those preparations included practicing and teaching meditation, following teachings by Shamanic practitioners, connecting with nature regularly, observations of a variety of psychic practitioners, a lifestyle of solitude and introspection, and a 27-year relationship with the Tarot.  All this “effort” towards valuing mystical experiences is part of why I am blessed with having them.  However, another part is that grace reaches towards me in greater proportion than I reached out initially.  Due to my effort and divine grace, a Tarot reading for myself feels humbling in its other-worldly and life-altering capacity.

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