Do you charge money for your readings/services?

Day #22

Question:  Do you charge money for your readings/services?

One of my mentors in the field of education said, “Some percentage of work is pro bono.”

Another wise old teacher who I have known taught that service means a balance between self-service and world service.

Between these two teachings lies the reason that I do read Tarot professionally for money, and I also have the option to read/teach Tarot pro bono.  Whatever people do in the world to earn a living arises from their abilities.  They educate/train themselves, they set up the resources necessary to do their profession/trade, and they earn their living.  If I set a path to develop as a Tarot practitioner, I see it fit to charge for services.

The ability to understand the workings of the psyche is a real skill that can be developed by education/training and professional practice.  At a certain point, the time necessary to sustain the skill is substantial, education/training and the related travels and materials cost real money, and a choice has to be made whether to honor the priority or spend an equal amount of resources on a second profession/trade, just to not charge for the first.

Practicing a profession has a certain path.  If a doctor is in private practice, according to the quality of their services and their business plan, they would succeed or fail.  This is also true of Tarot readers.  In this way, I as a Tarot reader have a choice to charge or to work pro bono for a cause — whichever I determine best.

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