How accurate do you believe your readings are?

Day #24

Question:  How accurate do you believe your readings are?

Two out of three things involved in making “my” readings accurate are the Tarot itself and the principal of synchronicity.

The Tarot has 78 cards designed and vetted by masters to make meaning out of the dynamics of human life. It is an accurate tool for the task.

Synchronicity is very down-to-earth mysticism that also contains accuracy. The definition of synchronicity is “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”  This principal operates in a Tarot reading because the questions “occur,” and simultaneously, the cards of the spread “occur.”  Questions being met with guidance from a tool that is designed for the same seems likely to be accurate.

The final piece involved in the accuracy of a reading is the reader, and I do feel accurate about “my” reading.  There may be synchronicity at work all around a person, offering meaning to the events of life, but the derivation of the meaning may be more cryptic than the person is prepared to handle.  A Tarot reading is also cryptic information, however, the Tarot reader has dedicated time to deciphering it.  My source of confidence is that the synchronicity I interpret for myself has made me grow and understand life in a non-linear way, and so I have something accurate to offer others. 


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