What is the most dramatic reading you ever did?

Day #25

Question: What is the most dramatic reading you ever did?

There was a time that I resigned from a job that the Tarot stepped up to support me very dramatically.  I asked the Tarot to 1) show me my now and also 2) to give me a guide to help me go forward, and then the most dramatic communication came forth that I have ever seen.  The cards were (click on card name to see image) the 10 of Cups for my now, and the Ace of Swords for my guide to go forward. The 10 of Cups signified the state of being pacified by the paycheck — a bizarre state of peace on the outside, revolution on the inside.  My guide was . . . the sword of the Magus (magician), upon the blade of which is inscribed Thelema,  Thelema means Will, and it was in the design of the Thoth deck to explore Will under the law of Love.  The Ace of Swords is a good place for this concept to fall because in Qabbalistic theory within Tarot, an Ace has the undiluted power of the whole Seed, slightly tweaked to match the qualities of the suit, which in this case is Swords, the mental realm.  The mental realm at its best is a “how to” processing unit that implements the will of the Heart.  At its worst, it dictates to the Heart what is possible and impossible based on past experience and popular culture.  Thus, my guide proposed shining and sharpening the mental realm to mirror the Ace of Swords, and go on a quest to live out what gave me the will to live at all.

The meaning of the spread was so vast and empowering that I handed in my resignation letter, made wishes around the type of skills in the healing arts I hoped to wield someday, and looked around for physically active work environments I could join to pay the bills and live more in my body than in my intellectual skills.  I made a vision board to imagine reorganizing finances, community and skills, and over the course of a year, saw progress , although not in the way I would have thought.  Nevertheless, I saw the mark of my Ace of Swords guide in what I had done.  I felt proud and courageous to have kept on consulting my Heart about its Will, and accepting the fluctuation of income that resulted in the pursuit.

Now, while my outer world is still in the limbo of transitioning, I do have a roof over my head, I have ended the debt that was an excuse to pass time in a job that didn’t serve my life purpose, and I have calendar dates in the coming year on which I will have exciting training in skills that support practical healing arts abilities.  If I could put words to what the Ace of Swords teaches as a guide, those words would be, “Find in your Heart a good idea.  Put it out there with prayer and ceremony.  Believe in it.  Tend your garden and have peace of mind.  Watch in amazement as the good idea comes into being.”

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