What card do you pull the most often and why?

Day #26

Question:  What card do you pull the most often and why?

Having just looked at my frequency table of cards pulled, I have discovered that the two most frequently pulled cards are the XIV Art and 7 of Cups (click on card names to see images).

The XIV Art card loyally validates my inner capacity to assimilate life and create an authentic approach.  When I wonder which direction to go, this card regularly reminds me to go within, and that “it won’t be long now.”  Behind the central figure in this card, an orphic egg has grown to maturity.  This is a form of time marking in the cards, since the egg has appeared in smaller forms earlier in the sequence of the Major Arcana cards.

The 7 of Cups card, although it is a mirror of a negative tendency to overdo, it also loyally reminds me of the value of my energy.  In the card, lotuses pour a deluge of green slime over open cups which repel receiving any of the mess.  The green slime then oozes into the ocean, and makes it nasty.  The lotuses then draw the sludge up through their stems and again attempt to fill the indignant cups.  The sky above reflects nothing but grim grey all the way to the horizon.  Clearly, a lot of energy is being spent here for no gain.  In the world, situations make demands of people with consequences for not meeting the demands.  A person may feel the strain of excess energy being extracted from them, but feel that they have no choice.  This card teaches me to go ahead and protect my boundaries no matter what.  It’s very liberating.

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