Do you have a Tarot mentor?

Day #27, 28, 29, 30

Question:  Do you have a special time and place that you do Tarot?

I most prefer to do Tarot in a place where the environment is peaceful and I can raise power there myself. Certain astrological times such as new/full moon, equinoxes, solstices and eclipses offer markers of shifting energy that prompt me to read the winds of change with the Tarot.

Question:  Does anyone you know not agree with your Tarot practices?

My family of origin is not drawn to mysticism/introspection, and I stopped raising the subject of Tarot with them decades ago.

Question:  Do you have a Tarot mentor?

Yes.  I was first introduced to the Tarot 27 years ago by a mentor.  She was mentored in the Tarot by the late Angeles Arrien.  The contributions of other mentors who knew such things as astrology, earth-oriented spiritual practices, mythology and folklore, dream interpretation, dowsing and more have also contributed to my practice.

Question:  Do you practice other forms of divination?

The previous question lists related practices that I learned from valuable mentors. As far as labeling them “divination,” I experience that the past, present and future mingle together in the matters that arise through Tarot readings.  In that light, the term divination might be antiquated,  Divination is defined as, “The practice of seeing the future or the unknown by supernatural means.”  I propose the definition, “The practice of seeing the hidden by natural skills that have been nurtured.”  Intuitives use natural skills that many people have, only some people develop and nurture those skills by prioritizing them.


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