Full Moon with a Total Lunar Eclipse Reading for April 4, 2015

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For more information about the phenomenon of a total Lunar eclipse, the 2014-2015 Lunar tetrad, and the reddish color of a total Lunar eclipse, click here.

To find the time of the Full Moon in your time zone, click here.

Question:  How does this Full Moon support the Heart?

The Spread (click on card name to view card):

Prince of Disks

5 of Disks

10 of Wands

Interpretation:  This Full Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse steps up to the plate to do some serious heavy lifting for whichever heart is seriously tired of its own ruts and is serious about changing the world.

 The Prince of Disks with his demure, introspective gaze packs a focused, pragmatic, skilled, no-nonsense power that promises to bulldoze whatever is in the way.  Note the winged bull in his crest and an alert, determined bull hauling the chariot forward. The chariot itself is of iron, and the prince holds the world in one hand and a cross-topped scepter in the other.  He rides unclothed, needing neither armor nor clothing of status. Flowers and grains bloom in concentric circles of certain manifestation.  This card makes it clear that this Full Moon’s offer of support is for however the Heart longs to impact the world.  If this understanding has not yet fallen in place, this Full Moon can be called on to shine light on the Heart’s core qualities.

Iron is the dominant element throughout the spread.  Continuing to the 5 of Disks, there is a mechanism of five iron wheels made to revolve by a belt in the shape of an upside down star.  This shows anxiety about being ground up in a system too vast to comprehend. This mentality is the exact opposite of the Prince of Disk’s mindset.  The Prince of Disks IS the world. The 5 of Disks anxiety is the fear of being powerless, or too small in the world to manifest beneficial outcomes.  If the Heart is tired enough of falling in this rut, this Full Moon supports filling the crevice with concrete and marching forward confidently.

Moving on to the 10 of Wands, there are actually iron bars like prison bars blocking eight healthy wands with a bright orange fire blazing behind them.  This card touches on the loathsome subject of oppression and repression.  All readers of this post have experienced this subject from both the inner world and the outer one.  This is not a reading to make claims about what will happen in the future of the outer world, rather, it is a reading to support the work a Heart can proactively do from a place of personal empowerment, so that the present will be different from the past.  If Nelson Mandela and His Holiness the Delai Lama can find that place, we can too.  Look at what individuals have accomplished throughout history when they owned their empowerment.  Here again, the 10 of Wands shows mentality opposite to the Prince of Disks, who drives his massive chariot forth without any regard for limitations and bondages.

Certainly, situations in the world take time to transform, but the transformation depends on a critical mass of thought in the form of dreaming, visualizing, believing, and praying/connecting which everyone can participate in.  Transformation also requires a critical mass of action. Only the Heart can know if it harbors such a longing.  All of these initiatives restore light to the Heart which creates a forward momentum in place of the stagnation of hopelessness.

Going forward:  Going forward is the essence of this Full Moon’s support for the Heart.  Dwelling in the muddle of fear about what will happen and who does not like what the Heart is offering will not shine light on the pathway forward.  If the world’s most notorious dictators could connect themselves to empowerment and go forward, how much more empowerment would the Heart receive that is aligned with world benefit!

Reach out in prayer/rituals to this Full Moon and go for it. Seriously.


Full Moon 04042015

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