New Moon Reading for April 18, 2015


New Moon is on Saturday, April 18 at 2:58 PM Eastern Time (EDT)

To find the time of the New Moon in your time zone, click here.

The dark night sky absent of the light of the Moon offers an open canvas on which to paint new dreams for New Moon.

Question:  How does this New Moon support the work of the Heart?

The Spread:

IV Trumps

XII Trumps

Knight of Cups


Living in greater alignment with the whole and with greater capacity to love and serve may require a point of standstill at the crossroads, during which a new way of understanding one’s own value is found.

Looking at the progression of the three cards, the colors, elements and directions change from one side to the polar opposite.  Red and orange change to light blue and green.  Fire images change to water. A ruler sitting on a throne looking in one direction changes to a ruler galloping forth on a horse in the opposite direction.  Man right side up becomes upside down and then right side up again. The spread shows in many ways that a time for a turnaround has come and the work of how and why the turnaround could take place in one’s personal life is underway.

Trump IV speaks of fiery leadership with its Emperor seated on a throne.  The red Emperor is ablaze with power and strength.  His golden crown symbolizes the Sun.  Two aggressive rams (symbols of planet Mars and the house of Aries) stand behind him.  A double-headed red eagle on his shield symbolizes an alchemical red tincture that is also about fire. The latter alchemical symbol for the red tincture taps into a deeper alchemical philosophy preserved in the Tarot, that a white tincture of the Moon’s qualities and silver should be mastered before the red tincture.  Thus, in the Tarot, this card is a progression from the lessons of the white tincture in Trump III to the lessons of the red.  However, in modern times, the fiery qualities, Solar creativity, independence, and leadership are discovered and employed without necessity for prerequisites.  This is seen in the way society values an individual based on what he/she can do or has done.  Additionally, selfish motivation is considered a natural vehicle to reach culturally acceptable goals.  This successful but unbalanced value system leaves a whole polar opposite in its wake, which is the subject of the next card of the spread.

In Trump XII, the pendulum swings in the opposite direction, seeking balance.  In stark contrast to the royally clothed Emperor in red, this card portrays an unclothed figure suspended upside down and surrounded by silvery-bluish air, water and light.  The figure’s legs form the same cross shape as those of the figure in Trump IV.  However, the image of the cross (love) in this card is above a triangle (power) formed by the figure’s arms, whereas in Trump IV the cross was below the triangular upper body. A backwards discovery is underway.  Having already built life with the mindset of Solar talent and the power it wields, out of the blue comes a turnaround to redeem and resurrect lunar qualities made possible by the Spirit of Water.  It is backwards, but the experience is not an unhappy crucifixion, alluded to by the nails and the posture.  It is the emerging will (crucifixion nails shaped like Vau – will) of the Adept that makes it so. The face of the figure is not sternly fixed due to misfortune, it is fixed with resolution to align will (nails) with the law of love (green disks symbolize Venus). Although modern culture pushes aside lunar qualities and love as a guiding principle, an Adept gravitates toward them even while passively following the herd. This creates an inner tension, until the Adept’s own will consciously strives to redeem these precious, undervalued qualities and integrate them in his/her lifestyle. This revolution of values allows exploration of the sensing and feeling nature, a sense of interconnection with others and the environment, and a deeper appreciation for music, art and poetry.  Life may be in limbo while the turnaround and integration are underway, because an authentic, wholistic sense of self worth takes time to incubate (snake in womb at crown of head).  Energy is needed in the inner world, and so the outer world stands still.

The Knight of Cups shows the balanced being that emerges after the incubation period of Trump XII.  Here is a ruler without a crown, but with the wings of an angel (freedom) instead.  He is no longer trapped in the herd mentality of the dominant culture.  He has integrated the cool blue and silver of Trump XII, and all that remains of red is the cup (heart) with a rising crab (Cancer, ruled by Moon).  The eyes of his instinct (horse) are open and aware. His passion is now directed towards engaging his heart and surrendering the reins to the lunar qualities that have awakened.  In this card, matter has become infused with spirit (alchemical symbolism of the white horse and the peacock).  The result is less external power than that of Trump IV, but more of the magical ability to create life with two opposite powers – fire and water.  Only humans can be vessels in which fire and water can both reside cooperatively.  It is clear that New Moon prayers and rituals would support this work.  How gratefully we accept that support from our place of limbo and surrender!


New Moon 04182015



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