Full Moon Reading for May 3, 2015

Photo by Open Portal Tarot

Photo by Open Portal Tarot

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Question:  How does this Full Moon support the Heart?

The Spread (click on card name to view image or scroll down to view spread):

Princess of Wands

Trump XIV

4 Disks


This Full Moon supports any efforts the Heart has made to create a new life that has more fullness and wholeness than the old life.  To reveal this new life, the Heart also receives the Full Moon’s support to show one’s unique qualities and to plan a definite way to go forward with them.

In the first card of the spread, the Princess of Wands ascends before a fire altar.  She wears a tiger crest, and she herself flies upward unclothed in a flame.  With brilliant yellow and orange, this cards represents the Full Moon’s support of any effort to show one’s unique and exotic qualities. If one wonders what those may be, the mind will not offer insight, but the Heart will, and prayer will as well.

There is a greater process at work that the first card supports. In the second card, Trump XIV shows a representation of the great Hunter goddesses such as Diana (Roman) and Artemis (Greek).  Diana/Artemis’ symbols are present: there are two bows at the top of the image, an arrow over the heart of the image, and three columns of breasts revealed in the open neckline of the figure’s garment.  The numerous breasts of this goddess symbolize fertility, which indicates new life.  Paradoxically, however, this goddess is a virgin.

In another paradox, the theme of creating new life while removing old life arises.  Diana/Artemis as a hunter goddess protects nature and the small animals.  As a master archer given her bow and arrow by her father Zeus/Jupiter, she also has the strength, courage, and independence (not distracted by love trysts) to engage in battle and kill.  This teaches us about appealing to the spirit of prosperity (Jupiter). If Diana/Artemis’ aim is to create new life, her required skill is to remove the old one to make room.

Consistent with Diana/Artemis’ paradoxes, other symbols and alchemical knowledge in the image support the sense that new life is on the brink of hatching, and that the means of identifying and disposing what is old are underway.  First, there is a fully incubated Orphic Egg glowing large behind the figure, like a full moon.  On the egg is the Latin alchemical motto, “Visit the interior parts of the earth: by rectification, thou shalt find the hidden stone.”  What is in the egg’s interior?

Actually, the Diana/Artemis figure in front of the egg is showing the work of the egg’s interior.  The figure seems to be a union of two opposite but equal beings.  On each side, a being with a light/dark face has assimilated the other so that the hair and the exposed arm are the other’s color.  Second, the lion and the eagle have exchanged colors completely, These adaptations show that the goddess of independence and new life has created a new being by understanding and welcoming characteristics of herself which had not been recognized or deemed valuable before.  The “hidden stone” that is found through “rectification” speaks of a worthwhile and solid substance that may have been disregarded and invalidated previously.

More work is also underway in the egg, which relates to the timing in which the new life within would hatch out.  Instead of hatching out when it has overgrown the interior space, this being must discover a solution to dissolving what came before.  This makes sense because there has to be a consistent way live, not a back and forth between an old way and a new way.  Thus, the figure is mixing water and fire in a cauldron bearing an image of a raven sitting upon a human skull.  This shocking image represents the alchemical process of putrefaction.  Simply put, putrefaction is about rotting away, which is what living matter does when the life force has gone.  The egg will hatch when the contents of the cauldron are ready.  The new life will begin when the rotten old life has been appropriately mourned (water of emotion) and released (fire of liberation).

The third card confirms that this new life taking form deep within the Self definitely is meant to show practically in the world by way of planning.  The 4 of Disks speaks of making a plan, and fortifying it against unwelcome attacks.  The image shows an overhead view of a square castle with four towers and a moat all around.  One bridge across the moat is clear.  There are other doors in the walls of the castle, there are other roads from the land that stop at the moat, but there is only one obvious entrance/exit to the castle.  There is a need for a plan to put the new life from Trump XIV into motion while also defending it from attack.

What to do to while this Full Moon supports this spread:

Within 48 hours of this Full Moon, reflect on what new life has been growing within for some time, and create feelings for that life through ceremonial acts including dance, music, song, and artwork.  When a sense of one’s own unusual or exotic characteristics occurs, welcome those by promising to create a simple plan in which the characteristics will be used in real life. This plan does not need to be complicated by high expectations,  It just needs to be a solid, persistent, unyielding plan to give new characteristics a safe place to shine.  On the next New Moon, initiate the plan.  Seeds are sown at New Moon, not Full Moon, but the time between now and New Moon could be sufficient planning time and time for the rotting process in the alchemical cauldron to complete.



Full Moon 05032015

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