New Moon Reading for May 18, 2015

Blackened Sky at New Moon Photo by Open Portal Tarot

Blackened Sky at New Moon
Photo by Open Portal Tarot

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Question:  How does this New Moon support the Heart?

The Spread (click on card name to view image or scroll down to view spread):

10 of Disks

XII Trumps

III Trumps


Sometimes the Heart is working on very deep transformation and it calls for support from its team members.  This New Moon answers the Heart’s call with special support, in that it is very related to the support offered at last New Moon.  A recurring card in the center of the spread (Trump XII) shows that the Heart and its guides are still processing the experience of surrendering the the qualities symbolically associated with the element of water.  The cards to the left and right of the central card expand anew on how the experience can be fully understood.  With the occurrence of a card from the suit of Disks to the left, there is an indication that some of the work can be assisted by action in the world of physical objects.  With the appearance of Trump III on the right, there is an indication that some of the work can be assisted by applying oneself to healing activities for the self or others.

A New Moon’s creates an occasion to plant new seeds and work with lunar support in bringing them to fruition.  Using a Tarot reading as part of New Moon rituals creates an opportunity to prolong the time spent in the experience of the cards, and in this case, in the experience of Trump XII.  Since I expanded on the details of Trump XII in the April New Moon reading, I will now summarize those details and then simply share how this card opens into a deep, positive experience for me.

My most favorite symbols in Trump XII are the following:  1) the crucifixion nails and the disks they drive into (will focusing on the law of Love, 2) the figure’s legs in a posture of a cross over the figure’s arms in a posture of a triangle (love over power), 3) the paradox of being nailed to water (I have to make conscious effort to stay in my own deep waters, and 4) the snake inside a womb (a transformation is underway that I can not control).  These symbols speak of commitment to qualities of the soul that resonate with the Spirit of Water such as intuition, compassion, healing, nurturing, creativity, and interconnection.  For me personally, tears come to my eyes when I think of how important it is to abide by love for humanity, this Earth and my own spirit.  Such things as civil rights movements, plans to provide clean water and adequate food to the people of the world, works of art or writings that strive to unravel man’s inhumanity to man, and initiatives to conserve the earth-oriented cultures of indigenous people are all dear to me.  Furthermore, I am in awe of individuals famous and completely unknown who work to put love back on the short list of why they do what they do.

Having said that, the lesson that I have come to associate with Trump XII is the lesson of considering a new direction that also uses more of who I am.  As I continue to grow and deepen as a person, I have more of the Spirit of Water qualities to offer.  However, the world seems to undervalue those qualities in modern times.  Therefore, I may get stuck in a rut thinking that the way to survive is to over-use my mental and physical abilities, and forget about the rest.  Trump XII reminds me that I’ve got it upside down, and that the way to survive is to commit to who I am and use that to generate support and transformation.  Fortunately, according to Trump XII, this transformation of consciousness is not up to my little brain to resolve.  If I just do my part to make a commitment, there would be assistance with my inner work.  Also, as we can see by the card’s recurrence in the New Moon spreads, the New Moon itself will be my assistant for bringing the inner work to bear fruit.

The other cards in the reading also are very aligned with this lesson.  The 10 of Disks speaks of looking in a new direction for what to do with extra wealth.  Even though the image shows a tree of coins, still the bottom coin is black as if the foundation of the whole tree is going to decay so that it can be renewed.  The mind makes plans for “money management.”  What plans does the Heart make?  Getting the mind to participate in the Soul’s agenda could start with an exercise of putting the Heart in charge of “the Treasury” for a day.

Trump III reinforces the wisdom of committing to the qualities of the self symbolized by the water element.  The colors of this card are very similar to Trump XII, with just a little more red.  This image speaks of a stage of development in alchemical tradition, in which the soul has undertaken enough purifying austerities to create healing and psychically nurturing qualities.  In other words, this card is giving a “two thumbs up” to the Trump XII work the Heart is doing.  It furthermore suggests putting those qualities forth to flourish because they have been purged of the desire to use them to create wealth and fame for the ego.

What to do going forward: Use the occasion of the New Moon to do vision board work about what qualities symbolized by the water element could be better integrated into day to day life.  Give the Heart an affordable dollar amount that it could use according to its own wisdom.  Within 48 hours of the occurrence of New Moon, consecrate with vision board work or your own ritual a baby step commitment to moving forward as a whole person who is aware of his/her own qualities symbolized by the element of water.


New Moon 05182015


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