Full Moon Reading for June 2, 2015

Full Moon June 2015

Photo by Open Portal Tarot

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Question:  How does this Full Moon support the Heart?

The Spread (click on card name to view image or scroll down to view spread):

XII Trumps

XI Trumps

Queen of Disks

Interpretation: This Full Moon supports the Heart’s surrender of its charismatic and creative will to the source that inspires it and shines light on the path leading to adventures in useful directions.

Trump XI shows the golden Whore of Babylon riding a seven-headed beast and raising the Holy Grail, an image which speaks of the level of satisfaction the Heart achieves when it stretches itself to unite its gloriously creative talents with the Divine, therefore tempering them with love for humanity and the desire to serve it at every level.

In modern times, the most acceptable divine feminine image is that of the Virgin.  The purity and receptivity to the will of the Divine that the Virgin symbolizes receives regard in many cultures.  Prior to this era, another vision of the divine feminine was that of the Great Whore in whom human kind, having been intoxicated and smitten with the quest, united its intellectual and creative developments.  The seeker subsequently discovered unimaginable satisfaction, and perpetuated by retelling with personal evidence the mythological stories that had initiated them on that path.  According to Trump XI, in addition to gaining personal satisfaction, the seeker also gained connection to the Holy Grail, a cup symbolizing the endless flow of intoxicating wine (love).  Such an overflowing amount of love then graced the initiatives the seeker undertook thereafter, spreading the healing and inspiring rays to the rest of the world.

In an age of technology, this palpable passion for uniting with the Divine is somewhat unfathomable.  However, in other older cultures, there were ceremonies, rituals, and festivals that could unlock such feelings.  Also, the mythological stories of certain goddesses and the presence of goddess statues in temples provided a forum where such feelings could germinate.  This Full Moon supports doing discovery work to re-connect to passionate, intoxicated feelings for the Divine.

Noteworthy is the third recurrence of Trump XII, this time as a supportive pathway to the work of Trump XI.  In the last two New Moon readings, the lunations supported the work of Trump XII and its reversal of mentality such that the Heart informs the mind instead of visa versa.  Now, as the Moon waxes full, the work of Trump XII ferries the Heart to the harbor of Trump XI which is a seductive and vibrant experience, like the naked and golden Babylon the Great riding a powerful and dynamic beast in the card’s image.  The two characters are as one as the wash of warm golden color unites them.  What a wise teacher is the Moon!  Having guided the Heart to first dwell unshakably in what it loves and envisions (Trump XII), the Moon then entices the heart to savor the experience of empowerment of its visions by the Divine Source.

For some people, this uncommon revelation of scintillating feelings between the self and the Divine may be a breath of fresh air.  Classical Persian and Urdu poets recount such relationships in their poetry to the “Beloved” with feelings of love and longing so palpable that to this day the poems are used in modern love songs.  The inseparability of lovers is the sense of the relationship described in Trump XI — the self and its talents longing for the inspiration to offer them fully to humanity, and the Divine longing to re-absorb its own creation that had gotten lost and confused while wandering in the material world.

The subject of wandering in confusion brings up the opposite subject of useful adventure symbolized in the Queen of Disks‘ imagery.  The Queen of Disks is the other assistant for Trump XI work that this Full Moon supports. By seeing only half of the Queen’s face in the image, we come to understand that she has some quieter qualities that have played an equal part in helping her on the way through her long journey, the pathway of which we can see in the barren distance behind her.  Although the path was barren, the destination was fertile and nourishing.  The adventure to reach that place was not only useful but necessary.  This Full Moon supports the Heart in embarking on necessary adventures that further the work of taking the charismatic, talented will in the direction of the Divine.

To go forward with the support of the Full Moon: Continue to believe in the unconventional wisdom of the Heart and note what inspirations it has been having since the April New Moon.  Reflect on how it would feel to have Divine power flowing into those inspirations, and use chanting, rattling, or drumming to initiate sessions of prolonging that feeling.  Meditate on the image of Trump XI to use art as a bridge to a spiritual experience.  Finally, put some thought towards identifying an adventure that serves the purpose of leading away from an environment that does not nourish the Heart’s gifts.  The mind may not know where the destination is, but if the intention is to arrive in a fertile environment, the Heart will feel its way forward, step by step.  The Divine will also be ecstatically happy to help.


Photo by Open Portal Tarot

Photo by Open Portal Tarot






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