Full Moon Guest Forecast for December 25, 2015

Full Moon through Cattails

Full Moon through Cattails © Open Portal Tarot

To find the time of the Full Moon in your time zone, click here.

This Full Moon in Cancer, Shamanic Practitioner Lena Stevens has intuitively and simply written the significance of the lunation.  Additionally, astrologer Patricia Liles has written a summary of the lunation’s chart, and provided dates of astrological events occurring in the near future.

Tidbit about the use of astrology

This combined effort of Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles demonstrates two approaches to the use of astrological awareness.  One is to calculate the movement of the heavens and to explain the significance based on study, intuition, and experience of the symbolic characteristics of the planets, their movement through houses, and their relationships to each other from the perspective of the Earth.  The other is to develop relationship with the elemental spirits of nature including the celestial beings and the Earth, and to intuit from them what they are doing in their supportive relationship to the Heart, the human body, and the civilizations on Earth.

To find the collaborative Full Moon post of professional practitioners of each approach, click here.


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