Full Moon Reading for June 2, 2015

Full Moon June 2015

Photo by Open Portal Tarot

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Question:  How does this Full Moon support the Heart?

The Spread (click on card name to view image or scroll down to view spread):

XII Trumps

XI Trumps

Queen of Disks

Interpretation: This Full Moon supports the Heart’s surrender of its charismatic and creative will to the source that inspires it and shines light on the path leading to adventures in useful directions.

Trump XI shows the golden Whore of Babylon riding a seven-headed beast and raising the Holy Grail, an image which speaks of the level of satisfaction the Heart achieves when it stretches itself to unite its gloriously creative talents with the Divine, therefore tempering them with love for humanity and the desire to serve it at every level.

In modern times, the most acceptable divine feminine image is that of the Virgin.  The purity and receptivity to the will of the Divine that the Virgin symbolizes receives regard in many cultures.  Prior to this era, another vision of the divine feminine was that of the Great Whore in whom human kind, having been intoxicated and smitten with the quest, united its intellectual and creative developments.  The seeker subsequently discovered unimaginable satisfaction, and perpetuated by retelling with personal evidence the mythological stories that had initiated them on that path.  According to Trump XI, in addition to gaining personal satisfaction, the seeker also gained connection to the Holy Grail, a cup symbolizing the endless flow of intoxicating wine (love).  Such an overflowing amount of love then graced the initiatives the seeker undertook thereafter, spreading the healing and inspiring rays to the rest of the world.

In an age of technology, this palpable passion for uniting with the Divine is somewhat unfathomable.  However, in other older cultures, there were ceremonies, rituals, and festivals that could unlock such feelings.  Also, the mythological stories of certain goddesses and the presence of goddess statues in temples provided a forum where such feelings could germinate.  This Full Moon supports doing discovery work to re-connect to passionate, intoxicated feelings for the Divine.

Noteworthy is the third recurrence of Trump XII, this time as a supportive pathway to the work of Trump XI.  In the last two New Moon readings, the lunations supported the work of Trump XII and its reversal of mentality such that the Heart informs the mind instead of visa versa.  Now, as the Moon waxes full, the work of Trump XII ferries the Heart to the harbor of Trump XI which is a seductive and vibrant experience, like the naked and golden Babylon the Great riding a powerful and dynamic beast in the card’s image.  The two characters are as one as the wash of warm golden color unites them.  What a wise teacher is the Moon!  Having guided the Heart to first dwell unshakably in what it loves and envisions (Trump XII), the Moon then entices the heart to savor the experience of empowerment of its visions by the Divine Source.

For some people, this uncommon revelation of scintillating feelings between the self and the Divine may be a breath of fresh air.  Classical Persian and Urdu poets recount such relationships in their poetry to the “Beloved” with feelings of love and longing so palpable that to this day the poems are used in modern love songs.  The inseparability of lovers is the sense of the relationship described in Trump XI — the self and its talents longing for the inspiration to offer them fully to humanity, and the Divine longing to re-absorb its own creation that had gotten lost and confused while wandering in the material world.

The subject of wandering in confusion brings up the opposite subject of useful adventure symbolized in the Queen of Disks‘ imagery.  The Queen of Disks is the other assistant for Trump XI work that this Full Moon supports. By seeing only half of the Queen’s face in the image, we come to understand that she has some quieter qualities that have played an equal part in helping her on the way through her long journey, the pathway of which we can see in the barren distance behind her.  Although the path was barren, the destination was fertile and nourishing.  The adventure to reach that place was not only useful but necessary.  This Full Moon supports the Heart in embarking on necessary adventures that further the work of taking the charismatic, talented will in the direction of the Divine.

To go forward with the support of the Full Moon: Continue to believe in the unconventional wisdom of the Heart and note what inspirations it has been having since the April New Moon.  Reflect on how it would feel to have Divine power flowing into those inspirations, and use chanting, rattling, or drumming to initiate sessions of prolonging that feeling.  Meditate on the image of Trump XI to use art as a bridge to a spiritual experience.  Finally, put some thought towards identifying an adventure that serves the purpose of leading away from an environment that does not nourish the Heart’s gifts.  The mind may not know where the destination is, but if the intention is to arrive in a fertile environment, the Heart will feel its way forward, step by step.  The Divine will also be ecstatically happy to help.


Photo by Open Portal Tarot

Photo by Open Portal Tarot






New Moon Reading for May 18, 2015

Blackened Sky at New Moon Photo by Open Portal Tarot

Blackened Sky at New Moon
Photo by Open Portal Tarot

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Question:  How does this New Moon support the Heart?

The Spread (click on card name to view image or scroll down to view spread):

10 of Disks

XII Trumps

III Trumps


Sometimes the Heart is working on very deep transformation and it calls for support from its team members.  This New Moon answers the Heart’s call with special support, in that it is very related to the support offered at last New Moon.  A recurring card in the center of the spread (Trump XII) shows that the Heart and its guides are still processing the experience of surrendering the the qualities symbolically associated with the element of water.  The cards to the left and right of the central card expand anew on how the experience can be fully understood.  With the occurrence of a card from the suit of Disks to the left, there is an indication that some of the work can be assisted by action in the world of physical objects.  With the appearance of Trump III on the right, there is an indication that some of the work can be assisted by applying oneself to healing activities for the self or others.

A New Moon’s creates an occasion to plant new seeds and work with lunar support in bringing them to fruition.  Using a Tarot reading as part of New Moon rituals creates an opportunity to prolong the time spent in the experience of the cards, and in this case, in the experience of Trump XII.  Since I expanded on the details of Trump XII in the April New Moon reading, I will now summarize those details and then simply share how this card opens into a deep, positive experience for me.

My most favorite symbols in Trump XII are the following:  1) the crucifixion nails and the disks they drive into (will focusing on the law of Love, 2) the figure’s legs in a posture of a cross over the figure’s arms in a posture of a triangle (love over power), 3) the paradox of being nailed to water (I have to make conscious effort to stay in my own deep waters, and 4) the snake inside a womb (a transformation is underway that I can not control).  These symbols speak of commitment to qualities of the soul that resonate with the Spirit of Water such as intuition, compassion, healing, nurturing, creativity, and interconnection.  For me personally, tears come to my eyes when I think of how important it is to abide by love for humanity, this Earth and my own spirit.  Such things as civil rights movements, plans to provide clean water and adequate food to the people of the world, works of art or writings that strive to unravel man’s inhumanity to man, and initiatives to conserve the earth-oriented cultures of indigenous people are all dear to me.  Furthermore, I am in awe of individuals famous and completely unknown who work to put love back on the short list of why they do what they do.

Having said that, the lesson that I have come to associate with Trump XII is the lesson of considering a new direction that also uses more of who I am.  As I continue to grow and deepen as a person, I have more of the Spirit of Water qualities to offer.  However, the world seems to undervalue those qualities in modern times.  Therefore, I may get stuck in a rut thinking that the way to survive is to over-use my mental and physical abilities, and forget about the rest.  Trump XII reminds me that I’ve got it upside down, and that the way to survive is to commit to who I am and use that to generate support and transformation.  Fortunately, according to Trump XII, this transformation of consciousness is not up to my little brain to resolve.  If I just do my part to make a commitment, there would be assistance with my inner work.  Also, as we can see by the card’s recurrence in the New Moon spreads, the New Moon itself will be my assistant for bringing the inner work to bear fruit.

The other cards in the reading also are very aligned with this lesson.  The 10 of Disks speaks of looking in a new direction for what to do with extra wealth.  Even though the image shows a tree of coins, still the bottom coin is black as if the foundation of the whole tree is going to decay so that it can be renewed.  The mind makes plans for “money management.”  What plans does the Heart make?  Getting the mind to participate in the Soul’s agenda could start with an exercise of putting the Heart in charge of “the Treasury” for a day.

Trump III reinforces the wisdom of committing to the qualities of the self symbolized by the water element.  The colors of this card are very similar to Trump XII, with just a little more red.  This image speaks of a stage of development in alchemical tradition, in which the soul has undertaken enough purifying austerities to create healing and psychically nurturing qualities.  In other words, this card is giving a “two thumbs up” to the Trump XII work the Heart is doing.  It furthermore suggests putting those qualities forth to flourish because they have been purged of the desire to use them to create wealth and fame for the ego.

What to do going forward: Use the occasion of the New Moon to do vision board work about what qualities symbolized by the water element could be better integrated into day to day life.  Give the Heart an affordable dollar amount that it could use according to its own wisdom.  Within 48 hours of the occurrence of New Moon, consecrate with vision board work or your own ritual a baby step commitment to moving forward as a whole person who is aware of his/her own qualities symbolized by the element of water.


New Moon 05182015


Full Moon Reading for May 3, 2015

Photo by Open Portal Tarot

Photo by Open Portal Tarot

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Question:  How does this Full Moon support the Heart?

The Spread (click on card name to view image or scroll down to view spread):

Princess of Wands

Trump XIV

4 Disks


This Full Moon supports any efforts the Heart has made to create a new life that has more fullness and wholeness than the old life.  To reveal this new life, the Heart also receives the Full Moon’s support to show one’s unique qualities and to plan a definite way to go forward with them.

In the first card of the spread, the Princess of Wands ascends before a fire altar.  She wears a tiger crest, and she herself flies upward unclothed in a flame.  With brilliant yellow and orange, this cards represents the Full Moon’s support of any effort to show one’s unique and exotic qualities. If one wonders what those may be, the mind will not offer insight, but the Heart will, and prayer will as well.

There is a greater process at work that the first card supports. In the second card, Trump XIV shows a representation of the great Hunter goddesses such as Diana (Roman) and Artemis (Greek).  Diana/Artemis’ symbols are present: there are two bows at the top of the image, an arrow over the heart of the image, and three columns of breasts revealed in the open neckline of the figure’s garment.  The numerous breasts of this goddess symbolize fertility, which indicates new life.  Paradoxically, however, this goddess is a virgin.

In another paradox, the theme of creating new life while removing old life arises.  Diana/Artemis as a hunter goddess protects nature and the small animals.  As a master archer given her bow and arrow by her father Zeus/Jupiter, she also has the strength, courage, and independence (not distracted by love trysts) to engage in battle and kill.  This teaches us about appealing to the spirit of prosperity (Jupiter). If Diana/Artemis’ aim is to create new life, her required skill is to remove the old one to make room.

Consistent with Diana/Artemis’ paradoxes, other symbols and alchemical knowledge in the image support the sense that new life is on the brink of hatching, and that the means of identifying and disposing what is old are underway.  First, there is a fully incubated Orphic Egg glowing large behind the figure, like a full moon.  On the egg is the Latin alchemical motto, “Visit the interior parts of the earth: by rectification, thou shalt find the hidden stone.”  What is in the egg’s interior?

Actually, the Diana/Artemis figure in front of the egg is showing the work of the egg’s interior.  The figure seems to be a union of two opposite but equal beings.  On each side, a being with a light/dark face has assimilated the other so that the hair and the exposed arm are the other’s color.  Second, the lion and the eagle have exchanged colors completely, These adaptations show that the goddess of independence and new life has created a new being by understanding and welcoming characteristics of herself which had not been recognized or deemed valuable before.  The “hidden stone” that is found through “rectification” speaks of a worthwhile and solid substance that may have been disregarded and invalidated previously.

More work is also underway in the egg, which relates to the timing in which the new life within would hatch out.  Instead of hatching out when it has overgrown the interior space, this being must discover a solution to dissolving what came before.  This makes sense because there has to be a consistent way live, not a back and forth between an old way and a new way.  Thus, the figure is mixing water and fire in a cauldron bearing an image of a raven sitting upon a human skull.  This shocking image represents the alchemical process of putrefaction.  Simply put, putrefaction is about rotting away, which is what living matter does when the life force has gone.  The egg will hatch when the contents of the cauldron are ready.  The new life will begin when the rotten old life has been appropriately mourned (water of emotion) and released (fire of liberation).

The third card confirms that this new life taking form deep within the Self definitely is meant to show practically in the world by way of planning.  The 4 of Disks speaks of making a plan, and fortifying it against unwelcome attacks.  The image shows an overhead view of a square castle with four towers and a moat all around.  One bridge across the moat is clear.  There are other doors in the walls of the castle, there are other roads from the land that stop at the moat, but there is only one obvious entrance/exit to the castle.  There is a need for a plan to put the new life from Trump XIV into motion while also defending it from attack.

What to do to while this Full Moon supports this spread:

Within 48 hours of this Full Moon, reflect on what new life has been growing within for some time, and create feelings for that life through ceremonial acts including dance, music, song, and artwork.  When a sense of one’s own unusual or exotic characteristics occurs, welcome those by promising to create a simple plan in which the characteristics will be used in real life. This plan does not need to be complicated by high expectations,  It just needs to be a solid, persistent, unyielding plan to give new characteristics a safe place to shine.  On the next New Moon, initiate the plan.  Seeds are sown at New Moon, not Full Moon, but the time between now and New Moon could be sufficient planning time and time for the rotting process in the alchemical cauldron to complete.



Full Moon 05032015

New Moon Reading for April 18, 2015


New Moon is on Saturday, April 18 at 2:58 PM Eastern Time (EDT)

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The dark night sky absent of the light of the Moon offers an open canvas on which to paint new dreams for New Moon.

Question:  How does this New Moon support the work of the Heart?

The Spread:

IV Trumps

XII Trumps

Knight of Cups


Living in greater alignment with the whole and with greater capacity to love and serve may require a point of standstill at the crossroads, during which a new way of understanding one’s own value is found.

Looking at the progression of the three cards, the colors, elements and directions change from one side to the polar opposite.  Red and orange change to light blue and green.  Fire images change to water. A ruler sitting on a throne looking in one direction changes to a ruler galloping forth on a horse in the opposite direction.  Man right side up becomes upside down and then right side up again. The spread shows in many ways that a time for a turnaround has come and the work of how and why the turnaround could take place in one’s personal life is underway.

Trump IV speaks of fiery leadership with its Emperor seated on a throne.  The red Emperor is ablaze with power and strength.  His golden crown symbolizes the Sun.  Two aggressive rams (symbols of planet Mars and the house of Aries) stand behind him.  A double-headed red eagle on his shield symbolizes an alchemical red tincture that is also about fire. The latter alchemical symbol for the red tincture taps into a deeper alchemical philosophy preserved in the Tarot, that a white tincture of the Moon’s qualities and silver should be mastered before the red tincture.  Thus, in the Tarot, this card is a progression from the lessons of the white tincture in Trump III to the lessons of the red.  However, in modern times, the fiery qualities, Solar creativity, independence, and leadership are discovered and employed without necessity for prerequisites.  This is seen in the way society values an individual based on what he/she can do or has done.  Additionally, selfish motivation is considered a natural vehicle to reach culturally acceptable goals.  This successful but unbalanced value system leaves a whole polar opposite in its wake, which is the subject of the next card of the spread.

In Trump XII, the pendulum swings in the opposite direction, seeking balance.  In stark contrast to the royally clothed Emperor in red, this card portrays an unclothed figure suspended upside down and surrounded by silvery-bluish air, water and light.  The figure’s legs form the same cross shape as those of the figure in Trump IV.  However, the image of the cross (love) in this card is above a triangle (power) formed by the figure’s arms, whereas in Trump IV the cross was below the triangular upper body. A backwards discovery is underway.  Having already built life with the mindset of Solar talent and the power it wields, out of the blue comes a turnaround to redeem and resurrect lunar qualities made possible by the Spirit of Water.  It is backwards, but the experience is not an unhappy crucifixion, alluded to by the nails and the posture.  It is the emerging will (crucifixion nails shaped like Vau – will) of the Adept that makes it so. The face of the figure is not sternly fixed due to misfortune, it is fixed with resolution to align will (nails) with the law of love (green disks symbolize Venus). Although modern culture pushes aside lunar qualities and love as a guiding principle, an Adept gravitates toward them even while passively following the herd. This creates an inner tension, until the Adept’s own will consciously strives to redeem these precious, undervalued qualities and integrate them in his/her lifestyle. This revolution of values allows exploration of the sensing and feeling nature, a sense of interconnection with others and the environment, and a deeper appreciation for music, art and poetry.  Life may be in limbo while the turnaround and integration are underway, because an authentic, wholistic sense of self worth takes time to incubate (snake in womb at crown of head).  Energy is needed in the inner world, and so the outer world stands still.

The Knight of Cups shows the balanced being that emerges after the incubation period of Trump XII.  Here is a ruler without a crown, but with the wings of an angel (freedom) instead.  He is no longer trapped in the herd mentality of the dominant culture.  He has integrated the cool blue and silver of Trump XII, and all that remains of red is the cup (heart) with a rising crab (Cancer, ruled by Moon).  The eyes of his instinct (horse) are open and aware. His passion is now directed towards engaging his heart and surrendering the reins to the lunar qualities that have awakened.  In this card, matter has become infused with spirit (alchemical symbolism of the white horse and the peacock).  The result is less external power than that of Trump IV, but more of the magical ability to create life with two opposite powers – fire and water.  Only humans can be vessels in which fire and water can both reside cooperatively.  It is clear that New Moon prayers and rituals would support this work.  How gratefully we accept that support from our place of limbo and surrender!


New Moon 04182015



Full Moon with a Total Lunar Eclipse Reading for April 4, 2015

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For more information about the phenomenon of a total Lunar eclipse, the 2014-2015 Lunar tetrad, and the reddish color of a total Lunar eclipse, click here.

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Question:  How does this Full Moon support the Heart?

The Spread (click on card name to view card):

Prince of Disks

5 of Disks

10 of Wands

Interpretation:  This Full Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse steps up to the plate to do some serious heavy lifting for whichever heart is seriously tired of its own ruts and is serious about changing the world.

 The Prince of Disks with his demure, introspective gaze packs a focused, pragmatic, skilled, no-nonsense power that promises to bulldoze whatever is in the way.  Note the winged bull in his crest and an alert, determined bull hauling the chariot forward. The chariot itself is of iron, and the prince holds the world in one hand and a cross-topped scepter in the other.  He rides unclothed, needing neither armor nor clothing of status. Flowers and grains bloom in concentric circles of certain manifestation.  This card makes it clear that this Full Moon’s offer of support is for however the Heart longs to impact the world.  If this understanding has not yet fallen in place, this Full Moon can be called on to shine light on the Heart’s core qualities.

Iron is the dominant element throughout the spread.  Continuing to the 5 of Disks, there is a mechanism of five iron wheels made to revolve by a belt in the shape of an upside down star.  This shows anxiety about being ground up in a system too vast to comprehend. This mentality is the exact opposite of the Prince of Disk’s mindset.  The Prince of Disks IS the world. The 5 of Disks anxiety is the fear of being powerless, or too small in the world to manifest beneficial outcomes.  If the Heart is tired enough of falling in this rut, this Full Moon supports filling the crevice with concrete and marching forward confidently.

Moving on to the 10 of Wands, there are actually iron bars like prison bars blocking eight healthy wands with a bright orange fire blazing behind them.  This card touches on the loathsome subject of oppression and repression.  All readers of this post have experienced this subject from both the inner world and the outer one.  This is not a reading to make claims about what will happen in the future of the outer world, rather, it is a reading to support the work a Heart can proactively do from a place of personal empowerment, so that the present will be different from the past.  If Nelson Mandela and His Holiness the Delai Lama can find that place, we can too.  Look at what individuals have accomplished throughout history when they owned their empowerment.  Here again, the 10 of Wands shows mentality opposite to the Prince of Disks, who drives his massive chariot forth without any regard for limitations and bondages.

Certainly, situations in the world take time to transform, but the transformation depends on a critical mass of thought in the form of dreaming, visualizing, believing, and praying/connecting which everyone can participate in.  Transformation also requires a critical mass of action. Only the Heart can know if it harbors such a longing.  All of these initiatives restore light to the Heart which creates a forward momentum in place of the stagnation of hopelessness.

Going forward:  Going forward is the essence of this Full Moon’s support for the Heart.  Dwelling in the muddle of fear about what will happen and who does not like what the Heart is offering will not shine light on the pathway forward.  If the world’s most notorious dictators could connect themselves to empowerment and go forward, how much more empowerment would the Heart receive that is aligned with world benefit!

Reach out in prayer/rituals to this Full Moon and go for it. Seriously.


Full Moon 04042015

New Moon and Vernal (Spring) Equinox Reading for March 20, 2015

A great serpent appears for Spring Equinox on the Mayan pyramid of Kukulcán in Chichén Itzá

A great serpent appears for Spring Equinox on the Mayan pyramid of Kukulcán in Chichén Itzá

For this New Moon and Vernal Equinox, the power of the Lunar Cycle at New Moon and the power of the Solar Cycle at Vernal Equinox come together on the same day to offer support.  New Moon begins the next Lunar Cycle and is therefore a time to seek Lunar support for new initiatives, and similarly, Vernal Equinox (a day when day and night are of equal length in the Northern Hemisphere, and the days that follow will be longer than the nights) is also a time to seek Solar support for new initiatives.  The Lunar Cycle will unfold over one month, and the Solar Cycle will unfold over one year.

Tidbits about ceremony and rituals:  When working with elemental spirits such as the Sun and Moon, one works through the heart.  Ideas arise from the mind and desires arise from the body, but filtering them through the unconventional wisdom of the heart aligns them with a greater purpose than oneself and gives them power to summon support.  Ceremony and rituals which may include dance, music, song, poetry, art, prayer/meditation involve the heart, prolong the sound of the call the heart makes, and build a bridge between one tiny individual and the spirits of great beings such as the Moon and Sun.

The Tarot spreads for 1) the New Moon and 2) Vernal Equinox reflect the unity of support that the conjunct Moon and Sun offer.  We see this because cards one and three in each spread are the same (see image below). When identical cards appear this way, their importance increases, like the way a recurring dream arrests more attention than one with a single occurrence.

New Moon and Vernal Equinox 03202015

Carrot on a String:  Starting at the end for practical purposes, the third card of each spread is a “freebie” in that it is an automatic result of the work of the spread. Both Moon and Sun are fervently luring us into the work with the 6 of Cups.  In this card, six golden lotuses fill six dancing golden cups with water from the ocean of whole-hearted fulfillment.  Whole-hearted fulfillment comes neither easily nor often, as the attainment of it requires the heart’s participation.  Unfortunately, many hearts have gone silent after not being included in daily life due to desire for conformity, or due to oppression. Nevertheless, the result of both spreads is not only a heart that re-connects to life, but also finds itself leaping with joy at the result.

Question:  How does this New Moon support the heart? (One may search the heart to identify a New Moon intention)

Interpretation:  This New Moon, together with this Vernal Equinox, support the heart in its work to reclaim its fragments that are stuck in the past by way of looking at some shady parts of the Self.

The 3 of Wands card has appeared showing three lotus wands united at the center with a blowing flame moving them forward from behind.  There is a unity of three . . . somethings.  Considering this card is paired with Trump card XVIII – The Moon to its right, let’s settle on unity of past, present and future, with a particular emphasis on retrieving the self from places it became fragmented in the past.

To better understand how to open the prison door and release the self from events of the past, Trump card XVIII – The Moon appears.  This card refers to the night travels that instead of being clearly lit by the sun, are dimly lit by the moon, and are therefore more dangerous.  Night travels symbolize journeys one goes on that have not been well traveled by either the collective or the self. There are some shady spots, in the context of this reading, there are spots where the self scatters vital energy lamenting about a past trauma or disappointment.  Why does the soul lament and pile up mountains of negativity there?  What are the other options?  Do those options arise from one’s own values and introspection, or are they cliches and platitudes?  When an authentic option is in place, then the forward moving, united feeling of the 3 of Wands will be there.

Question:  How does this Vernal Equinox support the heart? (One may search the heart to identify a Vernal Equinox intention)

Summary:  This Vernal Equinox, together with this New Moon on the same day, support the heart in its work to go forward as one united being, by way of standing as close to “the flame” as possible without melting away the unique qualities of the personality.

Interpretation: As previously stated, the 3 of Wands has importance as it has appeared in the same position for both the New Moon spread and the Vernal Equinox spread.  For the Vernal Equinox, the 3 of Wands positioned with the Princess of Wands to its right shows that the fire of the self burns with inspiration when its components are working together in unity towards the creative (Aries) and expressive (Sun) intentions of the heart. In the card’s image, the Princess of Wands ascends in a flame while admiring an altar on which a fire burns.  Her tiger’s head crest affirms that her exotically unique qualities are intact and in harmony with her overall direction.  How close can one stand to the source of bliss while discovering and retaining one’s own individuality?  How passionately can one embrace individuality without losing touch with a greater alignment? There is an art of balance here, to explore with Solar support and the repeated reminder that the automatic reward shown in the third card is the beautiful feeling that the heart is leaping with joy.