About Me

     Thank you for visiting this website!  My name is Kiran.  It is a blessing that I have been able to study Central and South American shamanic traditions for the past four years and continuing, guided by teachers who apprenticed with a Central American maricame shaman for a decade, and who then led a school of shamanism for several decades to this day.  In the course of establishing shamanic personal practices such as medicine wheel prayer work, and a deep connection to mother Earth and the natural environment, graduates of my teachers’ programs, courses, and international pilgrimages may also learn practitioner skills for serving others.  They may also undertake pilgrimages to shamanic ceremonies to expand their insight and capacity to hold clear, healing energies in their beings.

     In my case, the teachings and the ceremonies led me to enhance prior decades of work I have done with the Tarot and as a teacher of Raja Yoga meditation.  Many hallways open where there were once just two-dimensional doors.  You will see how it all comes together as a source of shamanic support for the community.  I hope to hear from you soon.

     To make appointments for Tarot readings and/or shamanic work for people, animals or land, kindly send a message through this site (click here).


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