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Thank you for visiting this website!  My name is Kiran.  I have practiced Tarot for 30 years. Mentors introduced Thoth Tarot, mythology, and astrology to me when I came of age, to help me grow.  I use the Egyptian Thoth Tarot deck.  In Egyptian mythology, it is said that in order to enter heaven, the Heart must be light as a feather.  Clean consciousness was a cornerstone of spiritual practice.  Removing the layers of falsehood was a discipline.  The Thoth deck captures the corridors to the same cornerstone in its vibrant images.  True to this intention, in the years since I held the Tarot deck for the first time, I have walked paths that taught me introspection, reflection, and energy work that transformed me and informed my service to others.  As a Tarologist, my intention is to shed light on the wisdom of the Heart and assist people with cleaning and valuing their Hearts.

In addition to teaching and learning in intentional communities, schools,  theaters, Jungian Institutes, and community projects, I undertake ongoing training in Shamanic studies with internationally renowned Shamanic practitioners.  Shamanic readings of the Thoth Tarot invite allies from the natural world to participate in rebuilding the presence of the Heart’s gifts.  Shamanic Tarot readings also encourage letting go of falsehoods in the Self which do more harm than good, also with the help of the natural world.  Thus, the transformation from thinking about one’s gifts to living them and giving them begins with the messages that come through the Tarot, and then completes with spiritual practices from Shamanic traditions.  Those can be as simple as intentional meditations on the images of the Tarot spread.

Have you ever noticed that in the wild, all the species know how to express the characteristics of their clan?  The wild geese know how to migrate across continents, the crabs know how to travel from land to sea to lay eggs, caterpillars know how and when to make cocoons, and birds know how to soar effortlessly up and up on the Wind’s currents. These species instinctually express what they have known since ancient times.  What is the process for the Human Being to access this same clean, clear ancestral knowledge base?  The question may be overwhelming and confusing, but taking small steps towards the Heart’s wisdom serves on many levels, so each small step is actually a big step.  It’s simply a matter of having values, and making decisions based on those values.  Is your Heart as light as a feather?

About my biographical information, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Davis with a major in Dramatic Arts, and a Master of Teaching degree from the University of Virginia, with endorsements in teaching English language development and special education.  I have studied four languages and cultures in four different scripts.  I play the flute, dance Salsa, mentor youth, and I have traveled the world, most recently for Shamanic studies.

Please visit my You Tube channel entitled Open Portal Tarot to listen to audio recordings of Thoth Tarot readings with photo frames of cards.

To make appointments for Tarot readings or Tarot activities at private events, kindly send a message through this site (click here).



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