Open Portal Tarot

Tarot engages the spirit in its own deep waters.

Through Open Portal Tarot services, your inner work gains swiftness and success through messages, images and timing.  This mirrors the Shamanic use of portals for support.


Through its colorful, mystical art, Tarot poses timely questions.  It calls on your Shamanic eyes to navigate towards your answers.


The artwork in the Tarot spread creates a portal in which you are your inner work.  As you stand in that activity with your helpers present, you can direct it all more intentionally.


Simple, personal explanations clarify grey clouds looming overhead.  A portal opens to show you your hidden choices amidst the storm.


Portals bring big entities down to you, and big energies up from you.  The Tarot reveals the movement so you can own it.


Tarot captures your joyous rites of passage into mastery that were going unnoticed.


Connection to the Earth and Nature readies you for Solar and Lunar portal periods, for starters.  When the action starts, the Tarot explains how the portal affects you personally.



When is your next open portal?

To schedule appointments, please click here

Tarot readings are offered at the Open Portal Tarot studio in south Charlottesville near downtown. Parking is available on-site.

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