New Moon Reading for February 8, 2016

New Moon 02082016

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Question:  How does this New Moon support the Heart?

Summary of Interpretation:  This New Moon supports the Heart’s desire for balanced, heightened powers, and the attainment of deep satisfaction with self and life.


The magic of this New Moon’s support is how completely and utterly it portrays the satisfaction the Heart desires.  In the central card, we see both the masculine and feminine in a satisfied state of having developed their own mastery, and having put forth a child (a new creation) from that development.  To the left, we see full blown expression of our most exotic features, ascending in a flame of inspiration.  To the right, we see the movement up to a new octave of inner and outer experience, having explored, balanced, and empowered the three essential elements of spirit and living life in the material world.

Many of you who follow this blog already have insight about these topics, or have gained some in the detailed instruction about Thoth Tarot that has been written throughout the 2015 lunation posts.  Do you have any stories to share about your experience that relate to this reading?  Your guides, practices, supports, surprising results, and personal commitment to your path are all welcome in the sharing.  Questions on the themes of the reading are also welcome.

To reflect on this spread in private or in a blog discussion:

Trump V carries the spirit of letting the inner masculine and feminine develop extensively and equally to the satisfaction of each.  Have you ever had periods of life where you discovered that your sacred masculine or sacred feminine was growing noticeably? How did it feel? What strengths did you discover?  I experienced developing the sacred masculine and sacred feminine in having to rebuild the inner mother and father after surviving a dysfunctional family.  Two strengths I discovered were a connection to the Earth as a source of nourishment, and business skills that put a roof over my head.

The Princess of Wands illustrates fully expressing unusual gifts while learning about how close to come to the Source of inspiration.  Have you ever feared “being different” by putting forth your particular gifts?  Have you ever “taken the stage” with your gifts shining brightly?  Has it been a mystery how to balance time and energy needed to sustain “the fire within” and doing what supports paying the rent and bills?  Are any of your gifts silently waiting to be expressed?  In my dreamlife, when I have put my gifts too low on the list of priorities, I have a recurring dream of myself and other people wearing white saris (a widow’s costume) walking around in a nondescript dreamscape doing not much of anything.  Meditating on the Princess of Wands helps me to get inspired about what I came to do in this world and to demonstrate that practically in a small or large way.

The 3 of Disks / Mars in Capricorn – shows the act of lifting both consciousness and the outer world to a new octave of experience, in which the three essential elements of alchemy or the three gunas of Vedic knowledge are balanced and no part of the vision is falling by the wayside.  Have you ever worked with a vision board, imagination, prayer or other spiritual practice to take steps to a new level of experience?  On a personal level?  On a global level? As prayerwork for others?

There is magic in community.  Please share a little reflection.

Gratitude to the Moon for keeping the vision of deep satisfaction alive, and blessings to you, dear reader.






New Moon Reading for November 11, 2015


Blackened Sky at New Moon Photo by Open Portal Tarot

Blackened Sky at New Moon
Photo by Open Portal Tarot

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Question:  How does this New Moon support the Heart?

Summary:  This New Moon in Scorpio supports riding the currents of deeply aligned worldly activities.  It also supports particularly subtle inner work, namely looking for areas of new creative potential, and reclining in the healing arms of the Divine.

The Spread (click on card name to view image):

Trump IX

3 of Disks

Trump XI


Tidbit about the ancient Indian Festival of Lights, Divali

This New Moon conjunct the Sun in Scorpio marks the date of a major festival timed according to the lunar calendar.  That is, the ancient Indian Festival of Lights, Divali.  It is a New Year celebration as well, circumstantially determined by the end of the monsoon season, the cleaning and replacing of all household items ruined by monsoons (village life is vulnerable to the elements), and the lighting of many small oil lamps, diyas, to attract and burn the mosquitoes that multiply in the watery monsoon environment.  From the lighting of thousands of diyas and the survival of the terrible monsoon climate comes the festival’s theme of “the triumph of light over darkness.”  Because this New Moon and its regal festival of lights carries a theme that millions of people are celebrating around the world, it is not a surprise to find the interpretation of this spread also aligned with the theme.

The central card, the 3 of Disks, recurs from the Full Moon reading of October 27, 2015, stretching the time frame of unusually well-aligned circumstances in the physical world out over another lunar period.  This New Moon also supports the Heart’s arrival in and participation in such a state.  The card’s image shows a pyramid rising on the winds of spinning red wheels at its base.  The three wheels each carry the color of Mars, and the symbol of one of the three essential elements of alchemy which are sulphur, salt and mercury.  The red color signifies the high-octane nature of the energy generated by the wheels, and the balance of the three alchemical elements signifies an ideal state of balance.  Seeing such an image at very least raises the question of how such a balance feels and what can be tweaked to move in that direction.  At most, the image reflects a rare state of balance that the Heart has achieved. Such a rare and auspicious state should be celebrated with high spirits!  Congratulations, dear reader, on your efforts to reach this point.

New Moon and  New Year are both times for sowing new seeds. Accordingly, Trump IX and Trump IX together explore both the sacred masculine and sacred feminine in a way that supports the particulars of each Heart’s longings.  Trump IX explores life-generating creative potential.  The image shows a masculine sage whose posture is in the shape of the Hebrew letter Yod.  Yod is the form from which all other Hebrew letters arise.  Another masculine symbol is the sperm image nearly blended with the background of grain (plentiful state).  Nearby, there is the Orphic Egg, which the masculine figure stares at intently.  Where there is egg and sperm, surely there is creative potential.  Accordingly, the old sage carries a lantern lit by the Sun itself (a masculine planet) over the genitals, again reinforcing the theme of individual creative potential.  The question the Heart may have asked which has prompted this response from this New Moon is, “how can I honor my creative potential?”  Meditation on and journal writing about this image would prolong the focus  until possibilities consciously arise.

Where the path of Trump IX’s old sage seems solitary and arduous, Trump XI’s complementary path offers the Heart an abundance of divine love to sweeten the journey.  The card’s image shows a golden female figure straddling a golden beast, reclining under a golden snake, and reaching up to connect with a red vessel.  Here, the feminine figure, the vessel, and the beast are one, in that the vessel opens to receive the wine of life, and the feminine figure opens to receive the beast’s good, bad and ugly, indiscriminately.  The sacred feminine, which is part of what lunar study reveals, eagerly receives — and devours with love — the consciousness that seeks to dissolve itself there.  Does it mean that the Heart can disappear into a trance state instead of laboring to pursue its longings in the world?  No, it means that intense effort requires equally intense rejuvenation.  Trump XI depicts the ecstatic unconditional love and spiritual regard this New Moon offers to any Heart, no matter what has come before.

Prayer for going forward with this spread:

May the New Moon in Scorpio be a welcome consort for the Heart.  May all other chosen guides, prophets and godheads also be welcome.  Heartfelt gratitude to the Moon for its guidance and support for all the Heart’s longings.  May the next steps of individual creative power arise clearly.  May those steps be nourished by the light of Self and Spirit, and may they produce a plentiful harvest.  May the path to spiritual ecstasy be more seductive than the path of isolation and mental exhaustion.  May the feeling of rejuvenation be loving, sweet and easy.  May it be so for you, dear reader.  May it be so for me.  May it be so for everyone around the world celebrating this New Moon and surrounding themselves with spiritual light.



Full Moon/Supermoon Reading for October 27, 2015

Full Moon 10272015

Photo by Open Portal Tarot

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Question:  How does this Full Moon support the Heart?

Summary:  This Full Moon in Taurus supports the Heart’s life work in the “real world” that fully integrates the layers of the Self that have been discovered thus far.  It also facilitates checking-in with the Heart for bucket-list items to plan for before the end of life, and lights a fire under such planning through a heightened access to inspired power.

The Spread (click on card name to view image):

Trump VIII

3 of Disks

Ace of Wands


This Full Moon comes at global harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere.  In the Southern Hemisphere, Spring is underway.  It is either time to harvest what was grown in summer, or observe the blossoming of what germinated in winter.  It is a time of fruition.

In that spirit, this Full Moon finds some of the toughest work undertaken through Summer and Fall Tarot spreads having brought about genuine re-alignment and having landed in the physical world as integrated action/activity, as the Heart would hope it would.  Trump VIII with Egyptian goddess Maat’s ostrich feather weighing the Heart’s freedom appeared in the New Moon Reading of July 15th (click to review).  At that time, the Moon supported working through tough ruts to embrace the wisdom of the Heart (maat) as understood by ancient Egyptian society.  Now, Trump VIII appears victoriously in support of the central card, the 3 of Disks, affirming that the Moon’s devotion was not wasted on any heart.

Similarly, the Ace of Wands with flames in the shape of the Qabbalistic Tree of Life appeared as the vision work guide in the New Moon Reading of September 13th (click to review).  There also, the ruts the mind fell into when trying to “figure it all out” had to find relationship with the Seed to navigate life differently.  Now, that cherished beacon of light appears still burning in solidarity with the central card, the 3 of Disks.

How then, does the 3 of Disks represent what this Full Moon offers the Heart?  The 3 of Disks’ astrological attributes are Mars in Capricorn.  The image shows an aerial view of a pyramid, with red wheels (disks) spinning on the vertices of the base like helicopter propellers.  They are forceful enough (Mars) to make the pyramid ascend and they leave a result on the physical terrain (Capricorn) by blowing the surrounding desert sand into dunes.  The secret fuel of these powerful red propellers can be found in the glyphs in their centers which represent Mercury, Salt and Sulfur, the three elements of alchemy.  These three elements and their interconnection with each other are designed into the Thoth deck, emphasizing a balance of three key inner qualities as the foundation of external monuments.  Here, the elements appear all together, functioning in synergy with each other.  Thus, the layers of the Self that formed in response to questions about what one’s heart wants to feel now and at the end of life (Trump VIII) have been integrated into daily activity, however subtly that may be.  Likewise, one’s connection to a source of inspiration (Ace of Wands) has also been integrated into daily activity.  Even if the activity seems the same, the inner world packs a grounded feeling of empowerment (pyramid) which sets different results in motion in the “real world.”  Additionally, the empowerment emboldens the Heart to continue to articulate its bucket list of states of being and modes of expression to step into before the end of life, without being inhibited by the mind’s inability to plan for it all.

Prayer for going forward with this spread:

May the Moon and all beloved guides and spirits be welcome in the Heart’s foundations.  May the Heart celebrate their contributions with abundant gratitude.  May this only be the beginning of irreversible transformation.  May the briefness of life be the walking stick that helps the Heart to venture forth courageously.  May it be so for you, dear reader.  May it be so for me.  May it be so for all our companions walking the journey all around the world.