December Solstice Reading for December 21, 2017


New Light © Open Portal Tarot


Question:  How does this Solstice support the Heart?

Summary of Interpretation:  This Solstice supports the Heart’s mastery of old imprinting contained in the ego and new superpowers discovered through seeking, questing and regular spiritual practice.  The Heart astutely holds the reins on what can be informative about the conditioning from the overculture, while reclining without resistance under the auspices of ancient wisdom.  This puts the Heart in a place to move forward as if carried forth on a devoted, enlightened creature, and to be a fertile womb for seeds from cosmic sources.  The overall aura generated would feel golden – rare and adding value to any situation.  Choices in favor of leaping forward with courage and inspiration as if propelled from behind, and in favor of any material wealth that can be generated through the Heart’s gifts will be choices that allow the central mastery to show up in an Earthly way.

In the Northern Hemisphere, a shift is happening such that more sunlight will fall on the region daily until the next Solstice.  Therefore, setting intentions that would culminate in an expansion of Self during this solstice will create inner vessels for the incremental increases of daily energy.  Intentions accompanied by daily prayerwork/practice call the Sun’s Qi into the vessels and then the Heart would have the fuel for expansion.