Full Moon Reading for March 12, 2017


Full Moon through Cattails

Full Moon through Cattails © Open Portal Tarot


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The Moon is full in Virgo, opposite the Sun in Pisces.

Question:  How does this Full Moon support the Heart?

Summary:  This Full Moon supports the enjoyment of an abundant life force.  Additionally, true to the Moon’s position in Virgo, the restoration of holistic health and purity behind the scenes complements the effortless, endless flow and enjoyment of that life force.  The central card shows the main opportunity of the Full Moon, which is to align with the flow of healing, abundant, life giving energy.  The pressure of the flowing streams of energy keep one full Hearted, creatively fertile, empowered to heal, and generous-minded.  So much to gain!  Meditation and reflection on this card reinforces the intention to claim this power during this lunar phase.  In the process of this intention, the power of the Full Moon can also clean the pump (the Heart), freeing it of two main saboteurs of the precious life force:  over-indulgence and distraction.  As the Moon holds the Heart in the surging flow of life, the energy drain of looking anywhere else in the outer world for that pure, high feeling gets tuned-up, along the lines of cleaning up any addictions or delusions.  Second, the mental distraction that drags the Heart away from its most sacred intentions is also up for re-programming.  The Heart needs to stand consistently in the flow of Divine Energy in order to water the seeds of its life-long values, and other shallow wellsprings run dry.

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