Micromoon will be on June 9, 2017 at 9:09 AM Eastern Time


Waxing Moon © Open Portal Tarot

The Micromoon will be full in Sagittarius, opposite the Sun in Gemini.

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Full Moon Reading for May 10, 2017

Full Moon through Cattails

Full Moon through Cattails © Open Portal Tarot


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The Moon is full in Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus.

Summary of Interpretation:  This Full Moon supports the Heart’s expansion (Jupiter) into its capacity to channel holistic happiness (Pisces).  The new territory takes the Heart on a journey through fears held in the central nervous system, with the goal of illuminating/transforming those.  This could be scary, but in this context, the fears have little substance and most likely have been hiding some important gifts related to the sacred feminine.  Instead of fear, the challenge of upgrading the Heart’s capacity for divine joy (think Delai Llama) may be more about motivating oneself to recognize and carry out a harvest of what is ripe and ready to provide a resource.  The Heart is ready to understand the union between sowing, farming and harvesting with love, and enjoying all parts of that cycle.  It is not that one toils over sowing, farming and harvesting, and then comes up empty-handed.  It is more that one happily plants the seeds of one’s gifts, tends them with wisdom and spiritual practices, and then, like a king, enjoys a return that is abundant enough to include resources for the next seeding.


Full Moon Reading for April 11, 2017

Full Moon through Cattails

Full Moon through Cattails © Open Portal Tarot


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The Moon is full in Libra, opposite the Sun in Aries.

Question:  How does this Full Moon support the Heart?

Summary:  This Full Moon as a crystalizing point of the lunar cycle from the last New Moon to the next, supports the Heart’s discovery of false hopes and impatient timeframes held by the ego, and the replacement of those with very stable feminine gifts, particularly 1) being a receptive channel for new life and 2) having the power to establish clarity and solidity amidst storms.

Tidbit about Meditative work for Personal Transformation:  A Tarot spread presents beautiful images rich with meaningful figures, colors, knowledge bases, astrological connections, and symbols.  Meditating and reflecting on the spread during the portal period (the current lunar cycle), together with opening the Heart to welcome support from the Moon and one’s allies, supports the intention to accept the gifts that the Moon is offering through the communication tool of the spread.

The Work and the Gifts:  The central card indicates an emotional rut that is the pathway to discovery for this cycle.  The way the cups are bone dry and the lotuses are falling apart as the result of the hot wind blowing from the red sky relates to the way the ego obsessively holds false expectations that tie up a lot of emotion, which includes pursuing some subconscious goals aggressively in the outer world instead of consciously setting sacred intentions, tending the fertile ground within to be a receptive magnet which attracts important opportunities, and connecting to the natural sources of power to align one’s own success with the greater good.  The ego may have meant well, but it was not guided by the Heart’s wisdom.

The card to the left holds some of the greatest gifts of the Moon and also Venus who is the planetary ruler of Libra, where this Full Moon resides.  These gifts arise from the way the sacred feminine is a doorway to new life and a nurturer of natural pleasure, however, not in a transient, inconsistent way; in a stable, eternal way.  Tapping into eternal pleasure accumulates as a power that walks forward and benefits the world in a variety of ways, like how a benevolent Queen graces her kingdom with what arises from her own giftedness.  The image transforms the hot-headed sense of “I have to get what I want” to the cool as a cucumber awareness that “I have to hold still and cultivate pleasurable new life with spiritual practice.”

The card to the right further assists with the heartbreak (“egobreak”) of not getting what one wanted by encouraging the mind to attend to practical matters that are getting out of hand due to lack of shrewd and experienced attention.  If “egobreak” is going on, energy is being scattered and important matters may be ignored, but the antidote is to pay attention, and involve the Heart’s wisdom to look at those matters from multi-dimensional perspectives.  Looking away from the previous trigger of obsession to the other integral components of one’s life can provide a place for one’s true self to show up more clearly.  Those experiences of clarity can inform the “egobreak” about how to regroup and come back with a deeper self awareness.

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March/Spring Equinox Reading for March 20, 2017


Burst of Spring © Open Portal Tarot


December Solstice 2017

Visuals 04202017

March Equinox 2017

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Question:  How does this Equinox support the Heart?

Summary of Interpretation:  The Heart took full support of the December Solstice and accepted the challenge to upgrade its tendency to muddle around in the physical world (see above spread for December Solstice). Thus, at the time of this Equinox, a shining model of success has been resurrected which harmonizes the planetary forces of the ancient world and deeply pleases the Heart (see above spread for March Equinox).  In this portal period of the Equinox, the Sun as the Great Giver offers the power to take two more important steps forward.  One of these steps is to become adept in the ways of healing that mobilize inborn creative powers through dynamic modes such as communication and action.  The other step is to relieve the agony the mind experiences while it stands in solidarity with the Heart’s vision, but can not act on that vision through any pathways in the physical world.  There is alignment within oneself, but lack of congruence with the physical world.  The Sun offers to help through Equinox work.  A vision board would be a good tool to use in the context of Equinox rituals and ceremony.  What does the Heart want the outer world to look like?  The Sun offers to shine on opportunities that support the Heart’s model of success.

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